100% Original Factory Office Blackout Roller Blinds Fabric - Linen and polyester jacquard roller blind URB49 – UNITEC

This fabric is made of 75% polyester and 25% linen. It is a popular series in roller blind fabrics, which can be used in home rolling fabrics, office roller blinds, hotel roller blinds, shower roller blinds, and some public relations places. Linen and polyester jacquard roller blind URB49   Linen roller blinds have thousands of years of history behind it and as such has many great properties. It is extremely strong and becomes stronger when wet. It doesn’t actually retain moisture, but it dries very quickly. Linen doesn’t pill, it is non-allergenic, repellent to insects and UV resistant. The organic fabric in linen can be recycled and are biodegradable. Little wonder that modern consumers are seeking out pure linens in response to a greener outlook in the home. One of the best benefits of linen is that it is stain resistant and therefore doesn’t require lots of cleaning.   So why do more and more people choose blackout roller blinds because it gradually becomes a hot-selling style for decorating houses? First of all, blackout roller blinds are reasonably priced and much cheaper than traditional blinds. Secondly, the installation is very convenient and takes up very little space, which not only meets your privacy needs but also does not occupy your space. Finally, it is very convenient to maintain the blackout roller blinds. There is no need for tedious cleaning. You only need to wipe it with a clean damp cloth, then the dust on the roller blinds will disappear, and your blackout roller blinds will be the new ones. The summary is the following: 1. Reasonable price and cost-saving 2. Provide 100% privacy space 3. Less space requirement 4. No nest edge, long shelf life 5. Easy maintenance and cleaning This roller blind fabric is much more reasonable than the price of other fabrics. Can give customers more choice. UNITEC also guarantees that we can make the required curtain fabrics according to the requirements of our customers. Custom product colors also give customers more choices. We also have an excellent after-sales service team, implementing the production situation of the follow-up customer products, delivery time, so that the guests have no worries.