100% Original Sunscreen Fabric Translucent Louvolite - URS30 series open factor 5% sunscreen roller blind – UNITEC

The characteristic of this URS30 series of sunscreen roller blind fabric is to maximize the entry of light without sacrificing privacy, allowing a gentle observation of the appearance and protecting two ultraviolet rays. Made of 30% polyester fiber and 70% PVC, so the fabric is usually used for indoor sun roller shutters, screen roller shutters, translucent screen roller fabric roller shutters, but also for home sun roller shutters, hotel sun roller shutter , Office sunscreen roller blinds.   Sunscreen roller blinds are now being used more and more in some hot areas. Not only is it reasonably priced cheaper than traditional blinds, but also its functionality is very high. It is a very cost-effective roller blind product. Moreover, the sunscreen not only provides you with the privacy you want, but also allows you to bathe in natural light. No light source is more comfortable than natural light. Sunscreen roller blinds determine the size of light entering the house according to different aperture ratios, and the effects of different aperture ratios are also different. For example, this URS3001 uses an opening rate of 5%, which can block most of the dazzling sunlight, let comfortable light enter your house, and protect the life of your eyes and furniture. There are also: 1%, 3%, 5%, 10% for your choice.       URS30 series open factor 5% sunscreen roller blind   Application fabric of sunscreen roller blind: This is a functional system, and once collected, it takes up very little space. Due to the different diameters and mechanisms of our tubes, they can also be installed on large windows. Comfortable and simple system. The screen fabric is most commonly used for its thermal function, which can improve the energy efficiency of our home or office. In addition to being flame retardant, we should also prevent blinds from becoming a source of fire and comply with the safety regulations required by the European Union, which apply to installations in schools, restaurants, kitchens, offices, etc. outside of our houses. Roller blinds, in addition to being made with wire mesh fabrics, we also make them with opaque and translucent fabrics.