2019 High quality Translucent Roller Blinds Fabric - Excellent Quality Decoration Blackout Roller Blinds – UNITEC

The Excellent Quality Decoration blackout roller blinds are made of filament yarns 100% polyester. With the high-quality yarns and coating, The quality warranty period is 3 years. It can be made to blackout finishing and also flame retardant and water-proof. Available to White backing acrylic coated and color acrylic coated.   We can manufacture the Excellent Quality Decoration blackout roller blind according to customer requirements. Our delivery time is also very fast, and there are many fabrics available to customers. This blackout roller blind fabric is easy to install and easy to use and is a quick choice for the owner.   Excellent Quality Decoration blackout roller blind Compared to Roman blinds and wooden blinds, the price is very reasonable and is your first choice for fabric for roller blinds. Warranty:3 years (internal use only) Care Instructions: Surface dust should be removed with a duster or soft cloth. Never use abrasive products or solvent/industrial based cleaners. Note: Color variances may occur between fabric production batches. These variances are within industry tolerances, but please check fabric prior to cutting.   Our Excellent Quality Decoration blackout roller blinds are available in sturdy material options that will cut down on heat and reduce the glare from sunlight in your home. This can help make it easier to maintain a consistent temperature indoors.   For more insulation, roller shades and drapery again make a functional and beautiful combination. The addition of drapes will help decrease drafts from leaky windows and add to the light blockage from the roller blinds. What are our payment terms? We provide flexible payment methods, such as wire transfer, letter of credit, etc.   Preventing Light from entering rooms: Unlike conventional blinds and blackout roller blinds are designed to prevent sunlight and glare from entering the room. These Excellent Quality Decoration Blackout Roller Blinds are therefore ideal for bedrooms and nurseries.   Maintain Privacy: Due to their special blackout properties, these roller blinds provide optimum privacy to people in homes and offices. Gossip mongers and peeping toms will not be able to pry into rooms when windows are draped with these accessories.