Chinese Professional Roller Blinds Fabrics For Office - Linen Translucent Fabric – UNITEC

Production Process: Spinning yarns Weave base fabric Coating fabric (White Foam Coated/Color Foam Coated) This 3201 series of lightweight cotton and linen fabrics is ideal for home winding, office blinds, hotel blinds and important public spaces. The cotton and linen light roller blinds can block the sun very well, allowing a soft light to illuminate the family. It can block strong ultraviolet rays and make people in the house have a better living environment. Although this roller blind is a light transmitter, it also has good privacy. Linen has the ability to insulate far better than man-made fabrics can do.. This means that their linen blinds can help keep a house cool in summer by avoiding bright sunlight, or they can insulate the windows from the cold in the winter. This linen fabric is versatile and suitable for installation compared to cotton curtains. The biggest advantage of linen fabrics is their resistance to contamination, since it does not require thorough cleaning. We have various colors collection for choose: