Dense density blackout roller blind for privacy T-PVC

The PVC blackout roller blinds PVC fiberglass roller blinds fabric is made of 25% fiberglass 75% PVC laminated (1 ply fiberglass, 3 ply PVC). PVC blackout roller blinds PVC fiberglass roller blinds fabric takes fiberglass fabric as basic cloth, laminating with PVC vinyl film by special technique. The T-PVC BO fabric is made from high-quality fiberglass and PVC laminated, With superior heat and reflection properties it assists in maintaining an energy-efficient environment comfortable living environment. Available in 10 colors, the T-PVC collection is suitable for both roller and panel blinds. The nature of PVC ensures that the collection is durable, moisture-resistant and long-lasting while still retaining an attractive appearance. Available in a range of colors that coordinate well with other UNITEC ranges and can be used with the Roller Blinds, Panel Blinds. Customer’s collection PVC blackout roller blinds PVC fiberglass printing roller blinds fabrics             T-PVC blackout roller blind fabric    Why T-PVC roller blinds will be more and more recognized? 1.100% shading, will provide you with your own private space 2. Adopt high-quality PVC materials, the damage resistance is very high 3. Shelf life 4-5 years 4. Very easy to maintain and easy to clean. 5. Reasonable price 6. Have a large inventory This fabric was developed in 2013. After 7 years of technical running-in and improvement, the defect rate of this product is only 0.2%. So we can guarantee that every roll of fabric we send out is flawless (0 defects).   UNITEC Textile Decoration Co., Ltd, a company specializing in the design, innovation and production of roller blinds fabrics, sunscreen fabrics and zebra blinds fabrics has been established for more than 18 years. We always insist on the tenet of surviving with quality and developing with integrity. We strictly carry out a quality assurance system and we have a high standard to ourselves.