Factory Cheap Hot Portable Roller Blinds Fabric - URFS30 series 5% opening rate sunscreen roller blind – UNITEC

This URSF30 series sunscreen roller blind fabric is characterized by maximizing light entry without sacrificing privacy, allowing gentle observation of the appearance and protection of two ultraviolet rays. Made of 30% polyester, 70% PVC. Therefore, this fabric is usually used for indoor blinds, sunscreen blinds, roller blinds, and translucent screen blinds. It can also be used for household sun roller blinds, hotel sun roller blinds, office sun roller blinds. ¬†URSF30 series 5% opening rate sunscreen roller blind     Application fabric of sunscreen roller blind: This is a functional system, and once collected, it takes up very little space. Due to the different diameters and mechanisms of our tubes, they can also be installed on large windows. Comfortable and simple system. The screen fabric is most commonly used for its thermal function, which can improve the energy efficiency of our home or office. In addition to being flame retardant, we should also prevent blinds from becoming a source of fire and comply with the safety regulations required by the European Union, which apply to installations in schools, restaurants, kitchens, offices, etc. outside of our houses. Roller blinds, in addition to being made with wire mesh fabrics, we also make them with opaque and translucent fabrics.   Why are sunscreen roller blinds popular? 1. Sunscreen roller blinds prevent direct sunlight and prevent your house or office from becoming too bright. They absolutely reduce heat transfer outdoors. In summer, indoor spaces with sun roller blinds will be more comfortable because the sun blinds block most of the heat and minimize glare.   2. These indoor sunscreen roller blinds can not only make your home or office more comfortable, but also reduce cooling costs. The use of blackout roller blinds in hot summer days can help reduce the internal temperature of the space. Sunscreen roller blinds minimize the heat in the room, so the temperature in the room remains cool and stable throughout the day and night, and it is even easier to make you sleep well. Even on the hottest days, this insulation capability reduces the need for air conditioning.   3. Since the sunscreen roller blind can block sunlight and filter out ultraviolet rays, it can greatly extend the life of furniture and interior decoration. Most of us are disappointed, unable to find our favorite chair or carpet, which was faded by the sun. These protective sunscreen roller blinds make fading a thing of the past. Once the sunscreen roller blinds are installed to protect your items, you no longer need to buy