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How do we develop new designs?

From creativity to the product, UNITEC can provide you with 6 new design fabrics every quarter Our design has been verified by the market and meets the development trend of the market and trade.   The Wave pattern zebra roller blind  UNZ20 series is made of 100% polyester yarn. It is one of the latest zebra roller blinds developed by UNITEC in 2020. This Wave pattern zebra roller blind has a wave-like pattern on the surface, and also With transparent layering, it is a very beautiful and fashionable zebra roller blind. With the popularity of the roller blind trend, more and more people use zebra roller blinds. Hotel zebra roller blind, office zebra roller blind, school zebra roller blind, bedroom zebra roller blind, and so on. And the price of this Wave pattern zebra roller blind UNZ20 series is also very reasonable and cheap. It is your first choice for decorating houses   The Wave pattern zebra roller blind is also very fashionable. The various designs and color choices of the Zebra roller blind have always been the choice of many people to decorate windows. And the Wave pattern zebra roller blind will not make your house obsolete, the unique wave texture has a color with your house. Moreover, whether it is a new product or a classic zebra roller shutter, UNITEC supports customization. You can customize the door width, color, and size of Wave pattern zebra roller blind. Not only that, but our products also have the functions of fire prevention and water resistance, which can protect your family more.   Wave pattern zebra roller blind has perfect light control. In addition to controlling the light level entering the room to avoidexcessive sunlight, you can also work with a computer or tablet, because there will be no dizzy light to disturb you.   These wave pattern zebra roller blind alternating with stripes of sheer fabric to provide the style of a sheer shade with the utility of a roller shade. Their unique wave pattern zebra roller blind stripe design allows you to raise the shade for a fully open view or lower the shade and position the stripes to the amount of light and privacy you desire. Wave pattern zebra roller blind is now more and more homes, people buy and use, and their price is more reasonable than other light-weight roller blinds. Gradually became one of the main decorative curtains. UNITEC guarantees that we can customize the quality and color of the products we need. We have a professional production department and after-sales team so that customers do not have any worries.