Hot Sale Roller Blinds Sunscreen Fabrics 30% Polyester ,70% PVC :URS301-306

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Sunscreen roller blinds Fabric is characterized by maximizing the entry of light without sacrificing privacy, allowing to observe the exterior gently and protecting both UV rays. Made of 30% polyester, 70% PVC There fore, the fabric is often used for indoor screen blinds, sun block blinds, screen roller blinds, translucent screen fabric blinds. It can also be used for home sunscreen roller blinds, hotel sunscreen roller blinds, office sunscreen roller blinds.
Hot Sale Polyester Sunscreen Screen Solar Roller Curtain Fabric: URS301-306
Fabric name: Hot Sale Polyester Sunscreen Screen Solar Roller Curtain Fabric Code: URS301-306 Application: Roller blinds Roman blinds and Panel Blinds Technical Data: • Composition (TR ):  30% Polyester,70% PVC • Width:2.5m,2.8m,3.0m •Openness Factor:5% • Light Fastness: 5-6 (Blue Scale) Tested to ISO 105-B02:2014 • Nominal weight:419±5%gsm (TR) • Nominal thickness: 0.55 mm (TR)

Hot Sale Polyester Sunscreen Screen Solar Roller Curtain Fabric: URS301-306

Screen fabric for roller blinds and Sunscreen fabric such as window shades are often used to provide Shielding from the Sun’s rays and glare caused by those rays. In addition to providing Sun Screen performance, the sunscreen fabric shades must also typically be flame resistant (i.e. have FR performance), and have Sufficient stiffness to properly hang in the window or from the other structure where it is utilized (e.g. not cup or curl) and in many cases, withstand being rolled up and down by a shade mechanism.  

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Hot Sale Polyester Sunscreen Screen Solar Roller Curtain Fabric: URS301-306


1, Woven Base Fabric

To achieve these objectives, Shade fabrics are generally made from fabrics that are woven from vinyl-coated fiberglass or polyester yarns, which are then calendered. While providing a level of Sun filtration, these prior Shade materials have been limited in terms of aesthetics. For one, because the vinyl coating is opaque, the color of the shades is determined by the color of the vinyl coating of the yarns, and thus the available color palette is typically limited. In addition, the fabric construction is limited to conventional open weave patterns. Furthermore, the vinyl coating must be sufficient to prevent the edges of the woven fabric from fraying.


2, Coating fabric (Set the Shape)

Our production line is imported from South Korea and customized exclusively. Therefore, our production efficiency is higher. In this way, we can produce high-quality products and save production costs.
Hot Sale Polyester Sunscreen Screen Solar Roller Curtain Fabric: URS301-306

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We have a complete production management system ISO9001 and more than 20 years of production experience for efficient production processes. Therefore, our production capacity will be 10%-20% higher than that of our peers. Industry-leading development and production efficiency. Strongest Process Innovation Industry-leading development and production efficiency. ISO 9001:2015 certified. No one knows more than we do about Blackout Fabric For Blinds design and performance. We have maintained and have immediate access to all our fabric developments since the company’s inception in 2002.


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