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Plain fabric URB31 series blackout roller blind This plain weave fabric URB31 series blackout roller blind is a very popular product in residential and commercial. It is made of 100% polyester fiber. It can be used for household blackout fabrics, office blackout roller blinds, hotel blackout roller blinds and all major public places. Can provide 100% shading effect, very suitable for some people who need privacy or need to rest during the day. Plain fabric URB3601-3603 series blackout roller blind   The advantages of plain weave: 1. The hand feel is smooth and the aesthetic sense is very strong. 2. Using 100% polyester material, the damage resistance is very high. 3. The price is reasonable and transparent. 4. No nest, flat. 5. Provide 100% shading effect 6. Can be fireproof, waterproof and antibacterial.   This high-quality plain weave roller blind maximizes privacy, and its compact style makes it ideal for use in other environments. Plain weave roller blinds can block sunlight and noise, which makes people in the house very comfortable. Because it is made of polyester fiber, it is very convenient and fast to clean.   UNITEC guarantees that we can produce roller blinds according to customer requirements and strictly control the color. All products have obtained international certification, and the quality is absolutely ahead of the industry. This shading fabric also has fire resistance, waterproof and antibacterial properties, which can make the roller blind use longer.