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Production Process: Spinning yarns Weave base fabric Coating fabric (White Foam Coated/Color Foam Coated) This cotton shading fabric is a very popular roller blind. It can be used for home roller blinds, office roller blinds, shower blinds, shopping mall shutters, hotel roller blinds. Because it is shaded, it can block the hot sun and isolate the noise, so that people in the room have a higher quality of life. Linen curtains, as you would expect, are a popular option for many homes in blindss where it's bright and sunny for most of the year. Because of its cool and crisp look, linen fabric reflects the same characteristics in any room. Is noted as the fabric of luxury and it symbolizes comfort and elegance. Here’s some great benefits of having linen curtains in your home: Doesn’t cause irritation or allergies when used in furnishings, blinds and clothing Provides protection against UV radiation Antibacterial and anti-fungal Highly durable Can keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer Absorbs moisture but never gives a wet impression After each wash, linen fabric curtains get stronger and enhances in texture It’s made from flax and uses fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides than cotton We have various colors collection for choose: