Recommendations according to your space – Select the best blind for your space

Select the best blind for your space


We leave you some recommendations to select the best blind for your space.

best blind for your space


Living room and bedroom


These spaces have in common the need to have a lot of light as well as very little. Either to seek a deep rest or to live a movie to the fullest.


Combining a translucent blind and a black out blinds could add privacy to your activities during the day, you can also dye and / or texturize the light that enters the space with some fabrics, highlighting your decoration.


Kitchen and dining room


For this space it is recommended to install heavy-duty blinds, an easy-to-clean and resistant material, such as Screen fabric, due to splashes, heat and constant use.


Office and study


For this space, translucent materials and white, gray or beige colors are suggested. Due to the nature of the activities that are carried out, having a bright but not hot space will be ideal.


Automated blinds can add a stylish touch to your workspace.