Black Out blinds

There is a pleasure that is only found when resting or working in an intimate environment of foreign and tempered light. For this reason, Black Out blinds are gaining trend in more and more interior spaces. If you are a manufacturer of this type of solar blocking and insulation curtains, we provide you with the best solution in high-quality blinds fabrics to make them and dress your clients’ windows.


We are a leading company in the blackout fabric sector in China. We sell to the entire country, tailored and according to the needs suggested by buyers, with continuous stock and immediate delivery.


Magnificent properties


Made entirely of fiberglass and PVC with 100% sunlight blocking technology and insulating cover that stores heat for a high-quality product, resistance and unlimited durability.


Where are black out blinds most chosen?


They are the ideal complement to classic curtains or just as roller blinds. The most indicated in homes, commercial premises, offices, meeting rooms, theater and cinema, libraries, classrooms and medical institutions.


Purchase support


All our black out fabrics are supported by the brand and have a guarantee of more than 5 years. Therefore, in addition to getting the highest quality, you get the peace of mind of buying from a company that knows the business like no other.


In pesos


A lasting investment compared to other fabrics, which will allow your customers to sleep and concentrate comfortably while also saving on energy costs for air and heating.


Comfort and design


Attractive, simple and elegant. These PVC blackout fabrics will always combine with the most diverse spaces because in our catalog they are available in various models, shades and sizes, being able to adapt them to the type of decoration chosen by your client.


Benefits, what is taking?


All our Black out fabrics are:

  1. With UV protection
  2. Flame retardant textile fibers that prevent the spread
  3. Total or partial darkness, at ease at any time of the day
  4. Exterior noise reducers giving privacy, also visual
  5. They keep you warm in winter and cool in summer
  6. Weldable
  7. They perfectly replace the blinds
  8. Washable without losing properties
  9. Suitable for prints
  10. Rotatable, for use in both directions of the roll
  11. At UNITEC, we have the most innovative fabrics for Black out so that your buyers gain functionality and comfort, wherever they are.