How Do Thermal Blinds & Shades Work?


The Thermal Blackout Blinds have a thermal blackout coating, providing superior blackout properties and additionally saves energy. the trendy thermal coating shades prevents heat loss in winter and sun gain in summer.

Believe it or not, your blinds do have an insulating effect on your home. You probably don’t think of that when buying them, but they do have energy-saving benefits because of their insulating property.

According to Alliant Energy, cellular shades, thermal shades can reduce up to 62% of the heat that transfers through a window. Save energy with thermal insulated blinds that reduce your window heat gain/loss by up to 40% saving you money all year long. So with the right blinds and shades, your savings can be significant.

And the thermal blinds is mounted while not drilling. Also, the fittings are enclosed if you would like to assemble with drilling.

Due to thermal blackout coating fabric, the thermal roller blinds has effective sun and heat protection in summer; it additionally blocks cold air in winter.

Continuously roll up and down the thermal shades in any position and therefore the chain hoist can be installed left or right.

Ideal for children rooms and night workers, and currently provided with a children safety guard.

Thermal blinds functions

The thermal blinds, which we traditionally know, are roller blinds fabric elements, which are placed inside the windows; They generally have two functions:

To prevent the interior of the house from being seen from outside and also, being inside the windows, they do not allow the sun’s rays to hit the interior of the house, acting as a thermal insulator and getting a small decrease in indoor temperature in summer.

Insulating roller blinds are the roller blinds with a thicker fabric than normal ones. So that these blinds exert the function of insulators, so, there are two things are essential: the thickness of the fabric and that the size of the fabric is greater than that of the window. It is also recommended that the roller blinds form folds, since thus, the cold will be encapsulated in them.

When choosing between the different existing solutions in the market, it is recommended to go to a specialized company that will advise you on the different solutions that exist for each case. UNITEC Textile Decoration Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of thermal blinds fabrics since 2002, please send your inquiry to our sales staff