New Fabric Blackout Blinds

New Fabric Blackout Blinds

What’s black and white and white all over? New fabric blackout blinds by Laminated Fabric Blackout Blinds! This new invention creates an excellent fabric blackout blind with double-sided fabric pattern on both sides of the fabric. One side is an attractive pattern while the other is coated to create an effective blackout blind. No matter where you use these fabric blackout blinds they will create the perfect look in any space. Commercial or residential, these blackout blinds work perfectly for any situation. Contact Laminated Fabric Blackout Blinds today to learn more about these fantastic new blackout blinds!


Laminar URB8800 is our latest blackout fabric roller blind series. With fabric on both sides, it gives you a smoother texture inside or outside your space. It also provides blackout performance and quality that is no less than ordinary blackout roller blind fabric. It is suitable for Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds, and Panel Glides.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for commercial or residential blinds–Laminar URB8800 blackout fabric roller blinds will work perfectly. With two fabric patterns on each side, you get endless design possibilities. And they work great inside or outside your space!


Want to save on energy costs while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look? Laminated Fabric Blackout Blinds might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Fabric blackout blinds allow you to maintain the light-blocking capabilities of a traditional blind while keeping your home or office looking fashionable.

These blackout blinds work by providing two layers of fabric–one on each side–to provide complete light blocking while maintaining an attractive fabric design on both sides.

Check out Laminated Fabric Blackout Blinds today for these stylish yet practical light-blocking window treatments.