UNITEC Customized Blinds

During the last years, the blinds have become leaders in the sale of curtains mainly due to their great versatility, since they are an element that allows to easily regulate the entry of exterior light, and they can be made in turn into a large variety of fabrics, accepting both textile and technical fabrics. At UNIEC we offer our experience in manufacturing and installation of blinds offering a wide variety of elegant and functional designs, as well as a professional and personalized service for each client.

UNITEC Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd offers a comprehensive service. That is to say, we cover from the process of production of roller blinds and zebra blinds, with the design and preparation of the customized blind or curtain until the installation of the product in the house or work center. We have professionals in different areas: designers, technicians and operators specialized in product installation.

UNITEC customized blinds1

That is why we present our blinds with different closing modalities or styles: folding, package, Roman blinds and roller blinds, offering a wide range of fabrics both textile (cotton, linen, polyester, prints, canvas, etc.) and technical (screens, fire-retardants ), in different colors and textures. In UNITEC we are professionals and specialists in roller blinds, zebra blinds, screen blinds for your home and office.

UNITEC customized blinds2