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The history of the use of roller blinds can be traced back a long time ago. The mystery of the popularity of this design lies in its practicality and ease of management. Over time, roller blinds have learned to be aesthetically pleasing, not just utilitarian. This has produced a variety of models. If Roman-style roller blinds create a sense of comfort, then roller blinds have more functions, although many models are not inferior in terms of design and coordination.


Roller blinds: types and functions

 These comfortable control principles are reminiscent of the design of Roman roller blinds and horizontal roller blinds. Now, this combination of roller shutters and conventional shutters is common in apartments and private residences as well as business centers. They create obstacles to excessively bright natural light, which not only interferes with rest, but also affects the color of the wallpaper and the preservation of the indoor environment. You can choose the right-priced roll product according to your purpose. There are several types of roll blinds. Their diversity lies not only in control methods, but also in system functions. There are two main types:


Open control mechanism. The rollers have obvious accessibility and are not protected by boxes or other types of covers. Open roller blind Roller blind with protective box The operating principle of this structure can also be changed.

There are 3 control options:

Use chain

Driven by electricity;

Use spring clips.


All methods are convenient in their own way. When choosing roller blinds, follow various standards for each location and lifestyle. Indoors, 4 types of canvas are used:

Completely transparent

Dimming (light transmittance 20-30%);

 Shading (100% opaque);

“Sooner or later.”

Translucent fabrics and non-woven materials (bamboo, jute, etc.) are used, and their light transmittance depends on the model.



The advantages of roller blinds are as follows:


Versatility. You can combine roller blinds with various types of different styles.

Aesthetics and simplicity. The combination of plain forms and high-quality canvas can transform living spaces, lofts or loggias into modern appearances.

 Practicality. The maintenance of the roller shutter is minimal.

 reliability. High-quality products have a large safety margin.

 Feature. With roller blinds, you can provide any level of light entering the room.

 Electric models allow you to control them from a distance (for example, while lying in bed)

save space. This kind of roller shutter does not need to be constructed beyond the window, which saves space

low cost. You can choose the exquisitely designed roller blind type, allowing you to buy better quality products with less money.