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Fabric name: Sunscreen Fabric Code: URS301-320 Composition: 30% Polyester 70% PVC Production Process The sunscreen fabric is made of 30% polyester, 70% PVC. It can be made to 1% openness, 3% openness, 5% openness, 10% openness, 13% openness and son on. The sunscreen roller blinds fabric has excellent performance for UV blockage, waterproof, fire-retardant and mildew proof. The sunscreen fabric can be protected your privacy. Sunscreens designed to be used on windows on the Sun-facing Side of a building may be designed to be less open, while those for the Shady Side of a building may be designed to be more open, to enable more natural light to enter the room. It's the ideal fabric of roller blinds for home, bedroom, kitchen, office, and shopping store. We have various colors collection for choose