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Bedroom blackout roller blinds UX-007 series fabric is made of high-quality 100% polyester fiber yarn, and has double-sided acrylic coating, no formaldehyde. Compared with the traditional shading roller blinds, it has a shading coating. The stunning shading effect can give you 100% privacy, with horizontally interwoven yarns and a variety of complex shades. This double-sided coated blackout roller blind is the latest research and development of UNITEC, with higher quality, better effect and reasonable price.   Bedroom blackout roller blinds UX-007 series is suitable for houses With excellent thermal and reflective properties, it helps maintain an energy-efficient environment and a comfortable living environment. Due to the use of high-quality raw materials, the warranty period is 4-5 years, and it is also flame-retardant, waterproof and antibacterial. It is suitable for white backing acrylic coating, and both sides adopt acrylic coating, and the shading effect is very strong. Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 is also available in a variety of colors, which can be used well with other UNITEC series. It can be combined with sunscreen roller blinds or zebra roller blinds to become double roller blinds.   Application: Roller, Vertical and Panel Blinds Technical Data: • Composition (BO): 100% Polyester with Acrylic double side Coating (100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde, and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment) • Width:2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m, 89mm, 127mm • Light Fastness: Fabric is UV inhibitor-treated. Fabric with a 5+ result offers excellent resistance to the fading effect of light. • Nominal weight: 330±5% gsm (TR) • Nominal thickness: 0.38 mm (TR) Performance: • Opacity: Blackout (Complies to AS 2663.3.1999) • UV Protection: Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996   What is the production process and quality control system of The Bedroom blackout roller blinds UX-007 series ?   Roller Blinds Fabric Description: Production Process 1.Spinning-Weaving-Cleaning-Dyeing-Inspection-Cleaning-Coating-Inspection cutting-Packaging   1. Yarn: Procurement by yourself: Control the quality of products from the source (Mainland, Taiwan, India, Pakistan)                  Inspection: use the machine to inspect the strength and toughness of the yarn     2. Weaving: a weaving factory that occupies shares. (Machine, half domestic, half imported from Germany) 3. Dyeing factory: cooperative factory 4. Coating: own-owned factory (four production lines, 2 purchased from Taiwan and 2 purchased from Korea-Mega coater)       The feature of this Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 is that it can provide maximum privacy in any space, can completely isolate the external light, and has high resistance. Because the double-sided coating has a very strong ability to block light, not only that, it can be used in many strong environments. They are also easy to clean and install. Since its design allows the fabric to be rolled up and hidden, Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 will not take up much space. Its operation is very simple, because it can be done manually by pulling the chain, or it can be done automatically with a remote control that allows you to move up and down, and it can be electric, which solves your time cost, and only needs a key to complete according to your instructions .     This Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 is not only suitable for family residences, but also for hotel roller blinds, office roller blinds, airport roller blinds, school roller blinds, etc. It is versatile, reasonably priced and easy to operate! Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 series is a good value for money, and also the first choice when you need personal privacy.     What is the production process and quality control system of Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 series? Spinning Weaving an examination Film Inspection package   Why is Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 series so popular? The Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 provides 100% shading, suitable for people who need to protect privacy (such as bedrooms, movie rooms, offices), and can block external noise, allowing you to have your own position. Not only that, compared with traditional blinds, Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 is also more affordable and more functional. It can be electrified to save your time cost and air conditioning cost. You can even arrange the roller blind to run automatically at any time in the morning or evening, which is not only beautiful but also high-tech.   Our interior designer at UNITEC suggests that there are three main cases for installing this Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007: dormitories for people who sleep during the day, people who have problems sleeping, or people who need maximum darkness to rest. people. In all these cases, this fabric can be a great ally to create an atmosphere of envelope, relaxation and comfort, helping you get a good night's sleep. In addition, it also has the function of isolating external noise, because its design material can reduce the sound by at least 60% after power failure. And the double-sided coating is more effective.   How do we develop new designs? From ideas to products, UNITEC can provide you with 6 new design fabrics every quarter Our design has been verified by the market and conforms to the development trend of the market and trade.   This Bedroom blackout roller blinds with double-sided coating UX-007 can be used for roller blinds, vertical roller blinds, panel blinds, and has good quality performance. The fabric has the following characteristics: · Total power outage · No curl · No wrinkles · High verticality · Block UV · Environmentally friendly ·Double-sided Atlas ·Color fastness 5-6   What are our payment terms?   We provide flexible payment methods, such as wire transfer, letter of credit, etc.     What should we check before loading? 1. Quantity: We check the quantity of the entire order and randomly check the quantity. 2. Packaging: We check whether the packaging is intact. 3. Label: We check whether the label is complete. 4. Size and function: We measure the width and number of rolls.  5. Color: We use a spectrometer to check the color. 6. Shading performance: We use strong light to test the shading performance. 7. Flatness: We check the flatness of the fabric on the long table. 8. Skew and cupping/curling: We make finished blinds to test the performance of skew and cupping.