Translucent zebra roller blind with aesthetic effect UNZ14-002

Translucent zebra roller blinds are meant to provide high-performance solutions for the glare of the sun. When used in roller blind applications, this sunscreen fabric reduces the absorption of solar thermal energy, prevents harmful ultraviolet rays, and improves the comfort and privacy of any interior space. The Translucent zebra roller blind is 100% polyester fiber, and the maximum width is 3m     Shadow of Translucent zebra roller blind These Translucent zebra roller blind shadows have "Lighting Filtering Zebra Shades" stripes, which alternate with stripes of transparent fabric to use roller shades to provide a pattern of transparent shadows. Its unique zebra stripe design allows you to raise the shadow to get a fully open field of view or lower the shadow and position the stripes to the desired light and privacy.   Translucent zebra roller blinds are now being used by more and more people to buy and use. The first is its beauty and fashion, which will give your house and family a new look. Translucent zebra roller blinds are very flexible and can be suitable for any style of family. They are considered "transitional", which means they can be used with contemporary and traditional designs and anywhere in between! Just like the roller blinds, the lines they provide are concise and ideal for modern/contemporary environments, but due to their soft fabrics, they can also be perfectly integrated into traditional decorations.     Translucent zebra roller blind fabric selection Zebra roller blinds have a variety of fabric, texture, and color options available. Use bright colors boldly or stay neutral! Choose light filtering or darker room decoration fabrics to completely customize each room! There are even geometric designs!   When protecting furniture and floors from strong sunlight, Translucent zebra roller blinds are your friends. Therefore, we directly understand the damage to the sun from the fixtures inside the house. The closed layered shadow can block 90% of ultraviolet rays!